javascript pass function name as variable





Is having long variable / function names (correspondingOneToManytaskspec) a kind of code smell? What is the suggested way to simplify? Passing arguements to Javascript function from aspnet markup. The value produced by a function expression can be assigned to a variable (as shown in the last example), passed as an argument to another function, and more.Most JavaScript engines support the nonstandard property name for function objects. Functions are defined, or declared, with the function keyword. Below is the syntax for a function in JavaScript.Parameters are input that get passed into functions as names and behave as local variables. If you are setting up a callback, then you just pass in a variable which is the name of a functionJavaScript considers functions to be first class citizens of the language. This means that you can easily assign them to variables, and pass them around to other functions. Here are 2 functions in the simplest form. Im working with jquery. What is the best way to pass var str from the first function to the second one.Whats the opposite of JavaScripts Math.pow? How to get the start and end points of selection in text area? I was hoping to pass more than a single variable from the option value to a javascript function.I thought I could pass these three numbers as three distinct variables to the javascript function, but it obviously doesnt work this way.