jquery ui dialog size





jQuery UI dialog widget makes it quite easier to design and place dialog boxes in your web pages.A jQuery confirmation dialog with highlight effect. In this confirmation dialog box, a user is given two options to choose from.font-size:18px (dialog).dialog( width : 500, height: 300 ). As you see, the sizing that is important to me is the sizing of the main container, the dialog.I am facing a problem when using jQuery UI dialog box. When I open a photo in jQuery dialog box, it freezes the window scroll bar. 1. jQuery UI Basic Modal 2. jQuery UI Confirm Dialog 3. jQuery UI Load Content from URL 3.1 Save the loaded URL content 3.2 Destroy or remove the loaded URL content 4. Download Source Code. Our jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery UI theme are hosted by Google. Next: jQuery UI example - menu (Menu). Open content in an interactive overlay. For more details about the dialog components, see thejqueryui.com/resources/demos/style.