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Close.But its at least good to know that in Firefox window.close() will not work at all if the window is not opened by using window.open(). I have developed our clubs site in IE. Ive finally caved to the pressure to make it Firefox compliant.onclick does work with span. I just cut/paste your code into a page and it works fine in FF. I do not know why it does not work, it could be a bug in FireFox but you can do this to have a somewhat similar working solution: < a href onclick"unHide onclick not working. 4 replies. 4 have this problem.Is this a Firefox issue? I was hoping someone could tell me why the onclick coding for the blue "Try a Free Search" button works (allows the click to happen) on www.theatrebuddies.

co.za using left-mouse button. Hello, I have a simple onclick that works in IE but not in firefox.I have never really researched this, however, I think the "javascript:" syntax is used only when you use it in the HREF part, i.

e. a href"javascript Although, as you are using jQuery, I would suggest doing what Sergio mentioned above/below. In FireFox, you can pass the event object in as a parameter e.g.Thanks for the quick reply. I need each button to open a different hidden div so not sure this works? You have a typo I have this code in my page: Press me! The link is placed inside a span with a useful onClick event. Now, in Chrome and Firefox this works perfectly. Flex 3 debugging not working with FIREFOX 3 (under vista) no trace() shown in console. breakpoints not working.I just had to rewrite to onclick javascript: window.location example.html to get it working. I just overcome the same problem. and the problem is not in javascript, but the href attribute event.preventDefault prevents the browser trying to follow a href of a link when it is clicked (you dont have an href in your example).onclick or onClick? 5. Access global event object in Firefox. 0. PDF.js Firefox on click not working. Javascript clickable label working 8 stack, the reason works firefox al label supposed attribute points input field. Javascript working mozilla firefox explore net, posts javascript working mozilla firefox written balanagaraj. IS there anyway I can use the ONCLICK to set the variable and USEMAP together in firefox, this works fine in IE. (sample code is below).area HREF"javascript:readAnnotation(brsfld, myfield)" COORDS"11,0,20,12"> This works dynamically onclick.. It seems that FireFox is only able to fire a click event on an HTML link when an onclick property is present. There are tons of workarounds for this so long as the link can be altered in some way Href Name Tags Not Working In Firefox.Javascript Not Working Properly In Safari Chrome. Mouse Dragging Script Not Working With Ff And Chrome. A javascript onClick is acting as retracting function. However, it seems to work perfectly fine in Chrome/Safari but not in IE and Firefox.. There are a number of potential reasons why the JavaScript onClick does not work in Firefox. setState( content: Apr 301. Not really cool, because you need to add binding twice. onClick for the child element Hamburger . < a href"javascript:void(0)" Apr 18, 2012 which should work cross-browser. The following code works fine in Chrome but in Firefox Firebug add-on, the store reload call is shown red with no errors and nothing in return value.Also if the href is made , then the reload call works fine. Back.works for: chrome 4.1 safari 4.0.5 ie 8. so what version of browser is it not working for you?"Back". This worked for me in Safari as well as in Firefox. Rodrigo says The link is placed inside a span with a useful onClick event. Now, in Chrome and Firefox this works perfectly.0. Execute href of an anchor, but not onclick of underlying DIV? 9. onclick blocks copypaste on Mobile Safari? Hey there, I decided to just create a 100 height and width div that filled the space over a background header image, and add an onclick event to redirect to the my index Doesnt seem to work in FireFox only, just in IE. What we have to do is see if .click is defined and if not, define it with an alternative that works in our target browser.if(this["onclick"]) this["onclick"]() else location.href this.href return false By putting the above code in the head section of your page, we can ensure that .click is defined. This method working fine in firefox and chrome. But in IE it is not working.I have the following code where when i use lnk.href "javascript:savegroup()" work in IE but on firefox but when i try to use onclick, the click does not repond either in IE or on FF. onclick in firefox not working hi guys! ive a mapped image and jquery in the following code, works fine with Chrome and Safari, but Firefox doesnt recognize the onclick function and Im wondering why! Enter Site..There are a number of reasons why event handlers respond in a certain way in Internet Explorer, but do not work with Firefox at all. hand cursor: pointer" > onclick"top.location.href(http How to get HTML 5 input typedate working in Firefox.Corodva href wont work. Bootstrap sidebar not working only IE 10. Broken D3 Visualization in Edge. Not Working > A Href Onclick Not Working In Ie.It was a name space conflict. I just created an anchor element in a new empty xhtml file and called the function and it worked in FF and Opera. Run it on Firefox). If you use Go back (button) it works. What is the difference in

submit()">Submit is interactive content (regardless of whether it has an href apparently, but yours do). Thus you cant depend on having the links as children of the button and what Firefox is doing is correct. onClick not working 1 Answer(s) 8 years ago Posted in : Java Beginners. Ads.html dropdown not working firefox html dropdown not working firefox I am writing a Dropdown code in HTML which is not working in firefox. Also, when you pass the id to the function it needs to be surrounded by quotes:< a href"" onclick"hideShow(rowA)But one question. Why does it work in all other browsers, but it does not work in Firefox? This works if I use Chrome, but not for Firefox. Any solutions?javascript jquery html google chrome firefox. Why doesnt the following close the window in Firefox?? Exit System.Try making "onClick" into "onclick". If that doesnt work, try removing "return false". Since the window is closing, there is no need for it. The floor plans showHide is now not working in Firefox nor Safari (still works in IE).What is not working is the onClick hot spot on each of the highlight images the blank ahref"" comes up rather than the onClick desitination. JS OnClick Not Executing When Opening In New Tab (Firefox)Onclick Not Working In Firefox And Safari?I have some onClick events in elements, so they get called when a user clicks on a

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