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Pros: Medium Size blog posts of 600-1100 words get maximum social media shares. They are good for SEO and often rank well.Know When To Stop. Whats the ideal blog post length that you follow? There are many posts out there advising on ideal length of blogs for SEO purpose.Anytime you have basic statistics outlining how long your blog post should be you should ask yourself questions like In this post, well take a look at the what SEO pros have to say on the topic of blog post length and boil down their collective wisdom into 3 guidelines you can use to make sure your content is always not too long, and not too short, but just right. What Should Be The Length Of A URL Or Slug-Ideal Slug Length For SEO.My experience :- Most of my blog post have been published exactly according to yoast guidelines in slug length,( eventually as per google as well). Having a blog on your website and updating it regularly is great for SEO, but all that work can go to waste if its not optimized correctly.The ideal width of a blog post article is 12 words. Best Paragraph Length . Now that youve got the data, lets look at the research Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO. Blog posts vary in length from a few short paragraphs (Seth Godin style) to 40,000 words (Neil Patel style). If youre below 300 words then you wont get a green dot for the blog post length recommendation. Even though this is the standard recognized minimum length by most SEO experts, it isnt the ideal length for a blog post. When it comes to blogging, one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear relates to the ideal blog post length for increasing SEO and user engagement. According to Google, the ideal word count of a single blog post is more than 250 words.101 Blog Writing Tips for Great and SEO Friendly Posts.Good job Akshay, Length of article matters much for SERP. Though long article performs well in search ranking but its time consuming. If youre looking for tons of data-backed research on how we got over 1,200 words for the ideal blog post length for SEO in 2018 and how we we used Screaming Frog to analyze this site (formerly and now read on! Is there an ideal length for blog post? You might want to know the answer, this may affect the traffic to your site.

Learn here all about it.Image SEO Best Practices. Increase Website Traffic In Google. Keyword Search Tool And SEO. In my post How to Create YOUR SEO-friendly Blog Post?, I favored the production of a long blog post. But, my opinion was all backed by the type and necessity of the blog.So, now a question arises howd one decide the ideal blog post length for his next content? Hi Adrienne, I couldnt agree more on your confirming that 1,500 words is the ideal length of posts.20 SEO Terms You Should Know. How To Choose A Blog Name. 10 Tips to Sell Your Website on Flippa.

There is no magic formula for the perfect blog length. But if you want your page to rank well for SEO, youre better off going longer.Thats the answer to the question were trying to answer. Final thoughts: the ideal blog post length for businesses. I hope if you have made it this far you have SEO Post Length and Your Niche. The truth to be exposed on this post is that there is no actual ideal post size.If we take the following keywords: start a blog and train to Mongolia, we will soon notice, that they are in a completely different reality when it comes to SEO and post length. The length of his latest blog post? Around 10,000 words on actionable SEO pointers.Earlier in the article, we mentioned Medium and HubSpot and how they ran detailed analysis of their own blogs and content to come up with the ideal length for their blog posts. Image credit Orbit Media. Blog post length.Our digital marketing agency specializes in search engine optimization and content marketing. We are actively looking to work on SEO for eCommerce websites. TLDR Size does matter, but quality matters more. When youre writing a blog post especially for search engine optimizationFor those that havent had the benefit of reading why 2,500 words is the ideal length for major SEO opportunities with a lot of competition, check out the below graph. Is there an ideal post length? We tackle this topic in-depth to give you a better idea of how your blog post length affects your SEO performance.Another study by SerpIQ looked at the average content length for each position on the page. 2. Text link: Back to SEO Basics: Ideal Content Length for SEO?Description: serpIQ is back with more data that were excited to share with the SEO community. If you havent read our first post on domain age and rankings, make sure you So whats a confused content marketer to believe? Whats the ideal blog post length?Longer posts are fantastic for SEO purposes, they generate more tweets, likes, and shares, and they result in more backlinks (crucial to your SEO). However, if youre looking for a concrete standard we would say the ideal blog post length is 500 words /- 200.Your blog posts should be at least 300 words for SEO purposes. Blog posts with 3000 to 10000 words get the most social shares. However the ideal number of words for a blog based on SEO changes based upon the competition for the keyword you are targeting. I explain it all in this episode of The Blog Millionaire. What s the ideal lengthYoast seo plugin seo advicesSurvey of 1000 It started with a simple question: How long does it take to write a blog post? A blog post SEO title should between 55 and 70 characters to show up in the search engine result pages without getting cut off.Example: How I got the ideal length for a blog post in the travel industry: things to do in seattle with kids. I did a talk recently for the Cumbria Chamber of Commerces Digital Day at Carlisle Racecourse. The topic was organic SEO and at the end of the talk I welcomed anyone who thought of questions after the event to get in touch with me.Theres different advice out there about the ideal blog post length In this sense, an ideal blog post would be one that people read. And Mediums research on this front says that the ideal blog post is seven minutes long.SerpIQ examined the question of ideal post length from an SEO perspective. OkDork looked into how content length impacted the total number of social shares.When you Venn Diagram all of these results together, the ideal word count for a blog post comes out to 2500 words. There is no magic formula for the perfect blog length. But if you want your page to rank well for SEO, youre better off going longer.

So does size matter when it comes to the ideal blog post length? A potted history of blogging. A study by SerpIQ indicates that the average length of a blog post in the 1 spot in Google is 2,450, with the 2 and 3 ranging around 2,400 words as well.4. The Bloggers Guide to Creating Relevant Content for SEO. Blogging Best Practices: What is the Ideal Post Length?Select Category Analytics Blog Feed Content Marketing CRO UX Digital Marketing Fathom Culture Higher Education Marketing Marketing Automation Paid Media SEO Social Media. What is the Ideal Blog Post Length? By SOS Team | 6.Pro Tip: One big SEO trend coming up in 2017 is the rise of dense content meaning more value per word. People hate seeing tons of fluff they want you to get right to the meat of things. Let me explain the ideal SEO blog post length in 2017For example, on DandyContent where the service of Blog post writing is described, I use just above 250 words immediately followed by the call-to-action with a contact form. Ideal Blog Post Length of High Ranking Pages. Almost all the pages I visited provided not only great insights but also have depth.Blog Post Length Best Practices. Google recommends that we follow SEO best practices and focus on writing for people. This is an ideal blog post length for publishing how-to articles.View all posts by Pat Bagano . The New SEO Is Easier Yet Time Dependent. Tips for New Bloggers Lacking Inspiration. (Share that on Twitter?) This is the length I usually shoot for. Medium length posts are also pretty good for SEO and for generating discussion.To sum up, heres a list of common blog posts lengths to help you find your own ideal length Why Does Ideal Blog Post Length Matter for SEO? The length of a blog post is important for many reasons.The truth is, theres no such thing as the ideal blog post length. You should write your blog posts to fit the topic. Still, these lengthy blog posts are of great importance for your SEO strategy. In this post, Ill explain the importance of blog post length for SEO. And, Ill give tips that will help you to make sure your lengthy articles remain readable. Home . ideal blog post length. Tag Archive.Recently Published Posts. [On Page SEO] 10 Advanced SEO Techniques To Boost Your Blog Traffic. [Best Keyword Placement For SEO]-How To Rank Keywords In Google. seo digital marketing blogging blog. Theres a strong case that for most topics, key search phrases, and audiences, longer is better. However, the ideal length for business blog posts depends on a number of factors, which are outlined below. Is SEO Your Goal? How can you know whats the best blog post length for SEO purposes?This means that you really have to research your audience and understand what they need in order to come up with an ideal blog post length. SEO for Bloggers: How to Nail the Optimization Process for Your Posts - Whiteboard Friday.The studies about the ideal length of a blog post (or of any piece of content, actually) are the new keyword density studies. Is there a typical blog post length? If so, how long should a blog post be? At one time (pre-2010), blog posts written for SEO—regardless of length—could rank with the right tags, keywordBuffer In 2016, Buffer identified the ideal blog post length in terms of minutes, translating to a 1600 word count. I recently sat in on a webinar by BuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson that discussed blog post length and the role it plays in SEO and user engagement, and there seems to be agreement about a few key truths.There isnt an ideal, standard length for blog posts. Here we are going to talk about the ideal length of a blog post worth blogging!If you are looking for more shares on social media then keeping the length of your blog posts between 500 to 1,000 words is ideal for sharing on social platforms such as Twitter, and also for SEO purposes. How many words should my blog posts be? The quick answer is that longer is better.I really like how it breaks the tips down by category (i.e. post headline, post body, etc.). However, I do think I disagree with the post length How long should an ideal blog post be? Bloggers, content writers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists alike have all ask themselves this proverbial question.Source: The Ideal Length of Blog Posts. SEOPressor helps you to optimize your on-page SEO for higher improved search ranking.What is the ideal length that will keep them interested?What should an ideal blog post length be? What is the Ideal Content Length for SEO?Youre probably ready to start pumping out 2,000 word blog posts and reap maximum SEO benefits. But before you can do that, there are a few important things you should know

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