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Most UPSET Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Election Against Hillary - Продолжительность: 10:03 News Direct 2 729 046 просмотров.The moment ABC NEWS realizes Donald Trump has WON THE ELECTION!! Most UPSET Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Election Against Hillary. Generations react to election 2016.The moment FOX NEWS realizes Donald Trump OFFICIALLY wins the election!!!! Liberals react to the 2016 Election result exactly the way you expected. Opinion Election2016 May 10, 2016 09:32 AM. Yes, Donald Trump Can Win The Election.The lowest electoral college performance among any Democrat in the past six elections was John Kerry in 2004 and he received 257 electoral votes of the 270 needed. Donald Trump has won the 2016 election, according to The Associated Press.CIA Says Russians Were Trying to Help Trump Win. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Win the New York Primaries. Does Trump Actually Know What a Handshake Is? former House speaker, former Republican presidential candidate, and Donald Trump adviser and surrogate. I actually thought he did very well, and it was his reaction to the MissWe got to win the election. He goes, On November 9th, I promise you, Ill put 200 percent of my time in a transition. If youve been keeping up with all the coverage of the presidential election lately, youve probably heard that Donald Trump has begun to rebound somewhat after a dismalSo does Trump actually have a chance to come back and win? DONT MISS: We have some bad news about next years iPhone 8. How Donald Trump Wins the Election (No Joke) | The Huffington Post Dont laugh.

Its not only possible, its probable. First of all, let us qualify our opening statement by noting that Trump doesnt actually win the election for himself. 10. He Is Donald Trump. Image Via Donald Trump Official Facebook Page. Name recognition is almost as important as the candidates message when it comes to an election.Trump actually has thought out ideas and a vision that he wants to implement in order to make America great again. And now I have even more awful, depressing news for you: Donald J. Trump is going to win in November.So our mental state goes to default when something scary is actually, truly happening. The first people plowed down by the truck in Nice spent their final moments on earth waving at the Campaigns and Elections. Donald Trump.(Okay, that post doesnt actually exist—yet.) Kushner set up critical meetings between Trump and key Republican dignitaries and leaders that wereOr address the cultural and political impact of his insane candidacy, whether he wins the election or not. The traditional goal of a presidential nominee is to win the presidency and then serve as president.

Donald J. Trump is not a traditional candidateIve actually done very well, Mr. Trump said. We beat 18 people, right? But as the race has turned toward the general election and a majority of polls The nervousness building ahead of what will be one of the most polarising elections in recent history is palpable. Whereas only a few months ago celebrities were laughing at Donald Trump vying for the Republican nomination, with just two days to go If Trump wins, the focus would have to shift to the reality of what his Presidency would actually mean.20 of UK exports are sent to America, and we are each others largest foreign investors. Trumps election would cause short-term uncertainty that would be likely to make it harder for us to In just under a month the American people will go to the polls to decide their new Commander and Chief, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton.While this may be a bit hard to follow (It was hard to write) polling this way helped the paper predict who was going to win the election four years ago and the Donald Trump is rising in the polls again. Weve been here before: As the business mogul surged in the Republican primary polls last July, analysts and pundits worked hardIn short, Trump might fail -- his polling bump could be short-lived. He could lose in a close race. But he could also win this election. Others are fed up with the system, and can now get news thats actually true via the alt-media.Read More: Did The Anti-Donald Trump Riot In Chicago Help Trump Cruise To Victory On Tuesday?Trump wont go full anything. That much I know. The winner of the election will be president status Some critics say winning the presidency and actually being president are two separate concepts to Donald Trump, the latter of which he doesnt really want.For Trump to win the presidency would be an unprecedented, unexpected political experiment to say the least. Every time these things have been said about Donald Trump, he has sailed beyond the doubts of the media, a portion of the public and, most crucially, hisBut, is there any reason to believe that Trump wont continue to defy the conventional wisdom and actually become leader of the free world? Trump Wont Win. TV Networks announce Trump wins 2016 election. The moment FOX NEWS realizes Donald Trump OFFICIALLY wins the election!!!!The moment DEVASTATED MSNBC realizes that Donald Trump will WIN THE ELECTION!!! Why Trump could really win this. THERES a big myth about Trumps supporters. Theyre not the white trash were led to believe.US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump actually has a good chance of winning this election.

Will Donald Trump actually build a wall?12:05 - Who is in charge? Donald Trump has won the election to become the next president of the US. However, it has not just been a victory for him. Suddenly, it seems The Donald may actually have a path to the nomination."What makes a Trump election more likely is this winner takes all system," said Patrick Murray, the director of Monmouth University Polling Institute. Michael Moore has argued since the summer that he thinks Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election, and his stance hasnt changed.Despite that case, and polling that suggests Trump has actually lost ground against Clinton in the race, Moore repeated to an audience at a On 9 November 2016, Donald trump has won the American president election.The fact that Trump wins actually shows the dissatisfaction and frustration among the American to their current situation. How Did Donald Trump Win The Presidential Election And Hillary Clinton Lose?Its actually surprising considering how she campaigned for her 2000 Senate seat. Back then, she took on the caricatures of her as a carpetbagger who didnt deserve it by meeting and talking with voters in Actually, Alpha101, you do have the right to say whatever you want, and Trump has advocated for this. What he doesnt stand for is rude activist babiesTop 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldnt Win the 2016 Presidential Election Top 10 Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Donald Trump Have you seen this guy? Hes nothing but energy. And its a win-win. Lets say Putin decides to invade Tasmania. He is screwed.Actually Wins The Presidential Election is cataloged in 2016 Presidential Election, Campaign, Comedy, Donald Trump, Funny, Humor, Political, Politics, Satire, Trump. Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to convince voters that Facebook had no nefarious role in this election. But according to President-elect Donald Trumps digital director Brad Parscale, the social media giant was massively influential—not because it was tipping the scales with fake news 13 thoughts on US Elections: Why Donald Trump won!Lots of genuine issues that actually affect the natives/locals are pushed under the carpet in the name of political correctness, globalization, secularism or say what you will. Is the internet actually benefiting the music industry?The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has won the US election. Voters could have chosen their first woman President of many years experience. Is trump winning the us presidential election?For all of 2016s craziness, that projection actually follows a fairly traditional electoral map. Trump should keep Arizona and Georgia, even though Clinton is likely to make it a closer-than-usual race. According to the NYTimes, Hillary Clinton had a 92 percent chance of winning the election. According to Nate Silver, that number was 87 percent. That was before last nights third debate, before Hillary Clinton got under Donald Trumps thin skin Are you starting to see why I would consider this to be the biggest miracle in American political history if Donald Trump actually overcomes all of these factors and wins the election? And we dont have to wait until November 8th to get some indications about how the vote is going to go. Im actually surprised to tell you that. Its-- you know, a little bit strange. Donald Trump appears in his first extensive post-election with 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl.Donald Trump: Well, I think the electoral ca-- look, I won with the Electoral College. Tensions between Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been flooding the media, especially after the recent Debate broke a 60 year United States record.Its obvious theres plenty to worry about this coming election, but whether or not Trump will actually win is still a mystery. A Look Into Whether Donald Trump Can Actually Win the Republican Nomination.Not many people — pundits, journalists, politicians — predicted Donald Trump would maintain his lead this far into the presidential election. TV Networks announce Trump wins 2016 election. The moment FOX NEWS realizes Donald Trump OFFICIALLY wins the election!!!! The Moment When Young Turks Realize Trump Won Over Hillary - Meltdown! Polls, predictions and past continue to haunt Trump before election day. Donald Trump has certainly had a rough month.So, how can Trump still possibly win? What are his chances? Not one person in the world can actually provide an objective answer to this question, only the aggregate of United How Trump won the election: volatility and a common touch.So when Romney and company condemned him, it actually worked to his advantage as a rallying point for his supporters.Donald Trump: property magnate, TV star, demagogue and now president. Read more. what will donald trump do, is to trounce your hilliar soundly. Trent Bartlett. Can someone mature please just tell me wtf is wrong with Donald Trump.The moment FOX NEWS realizes Donald Trump OFFICIALLY wins the election!!!! Trumps win: Top media meltdowns. Why does the Russian government want Donald Trump to win the presidential election?For what its worth, I said from the beginning that all he wanted was to gain attention, because he had no interest in actually doing the job. This theory about why Donald Trump actually won the election will leave you worrying about humankind.According to Krosnick, this is likely the reason that "at least two" US presidents emerged victorious in their elections one of them being Trump. It was Donald Trump versus almost all the experts it looks like Donald Trump was right, Jake Tapper said on CNN at 10:40 pm on election night (before major battleground states had been called). The moment ABC NEWS realizes Donald Trump has WON THE ELECTION!!MAGAtruthChannel 8 мес. назад. The moment FOX NEWS realizes Donald Trump OFFICIALLY wins the ele President-Elect: Donald Trump Stuns the World, Wins the Presidency 2:52. autoplay autoplay.Donald Trump, Obama had warm conversation after election, Kellyanne Conway says 4:02. autoplay autoplay. Here is the moment when RT News (RT America - part of the Russia Today global network) realizes that Donald Trump has won the election. An epic paranoid rant from whoever this guy is - truly enjoyable to watch. Most UPSET Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Election Against. Liberals react to the 2016 Election result exactly the way you. Breaking News : Trump wins LIVE2016 The Choice: Election Night. Donald Trump has defied all expectations from the very start of his presidential campaign more than a year ago. Very few people thought he would actually run, then he did.Finally, they said there was no way he could compete for, let alone win, a general election. Why Donald Trump will probably win the US Election even if most people vote for Hillary.But if a lot of peoples worst fears are imagined and Donald Trump does become US President, what will it actually be like? This is not an argument for what should happen or what Id like to happen in the November presidential election, but about what would likely happen in a Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton race: Clinton would win, and probably by a wide margin.

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