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Facts and statistics about the Unemployment rate of Spain.The OECD harmonized unemployment rate gives the number of unemployed persons as a percentage of the labor force (the total number of people employed plus unemployed). Belgium United Kingdom. Germany Italy. Luxembourg Denmark Portugal France Austria Greece Spain Ireland Sweden Finland. The ratio of the mid-year88 Eurostat yearbook 2004. Labour market - People in labour market. Unemployment rate for men and women in 2003 Unemployed persons as greece, Malta, spain, unemployment rates. Euro zone unemployment rate falls to 22-month low of 11.5 in June.In a report, Eurostat said that the euro zones unemployment rate ticked down to a seasonally adjusted 11.5 last month from 11.6 in [] The European Unions statistics office Eurostat said the unemployment rate in the euro zone was 8.6 percent in January.In Spain, the blocs fourth largest economy, the jobless rate slightly dropped to 16.3 percent in January, while in Germany it remained stable at 3.6 percent. This article presents the very latest unemployment figures for the European Union (EU), the euro area and individual Member States, complemented by an overview of long-term developments since the year 2000. EU-27 EA-17 Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Germany Estonia Ireland Greece Spain France Italy Cyprus Latvia Lithuania(1) Employment rate for population aged 15-64 unemployment in of active population. Source: Eurostat (on line data codes: lfsiempa, unerta, uneltua). This is the lowest rate recorded in the EU28 since October 2008. These figures are published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (20.

5 in September 2017) and Spain (16.7). The average jobless rate in the euro area was 8.9 per cent while that in the EU was 7.5 per cent last month, Eurostat said. The highest unemployment rate was Greeces 21 per cent, followed by Spain and Italy with 16.7 per cent and 11.1 per cent respectively.

From that report and Eurostats unemployment data, we attempt to give some indicators regarding our first question. Does intra-EU labour migration correlate withConcerning unemployment rates among EU-2 nationals in the main destination states, there has been a rise in Italy and Spain but a drop in eurostat unemployment rate.In this month, the seasonally adjusted youth unemployment rate in Spain was at 41.5 percent. The source defines youth unemployment as unemployment of those younger than 25 years. Spain Youth Unemployment Rate is at 36.80, compared to 37.10 last month and 42.20 last year. This is higher than the long term average of 34.72.Region: Spain. Report: EU Labour Force Survey. Source: Eurostat. Image caption Spains unemployment rate is twice the EU average.Eurostat, the EUs statistics body, estimates that last November there were 5.8 million people (23.7) aged under 25 unemployed in the 27 countries, of whom 3.73 million (24.4) were in the eurozone area. In 1985 Spains unemployment rate stood at around 18, almost double the European rate.Annual unemployment rate (). Source: Eurostat, Statistical Annex, Spring 2005, Table 3. www.realinstitutoelcano.org 25. Last updated: 2 years ago | Data: Eurostat. Tags. europe, greece, european union, eu, euro zone, france, spain, germany, italy, unemployment. This is list of European countries by unemployment and employment rate. Unemployment in Greece has risen to 15 for the first quarter of 2011, according to Eurostats data. Greece is ranked fourth in EU-27 unemployment rates, following Spain (20.9), Lithuania (16.3) and Latvia (16.2). Lower unemployment rates have been The southern Spanish region had the highest unemployment rate in the entire European Union last year, according to a Eurostat report released on Wednesday. All of the five regions with the highest unemployment rates in the EU last year fell within Spain. This is the lowest rate recorded in the EU28 since May 2009. These figures are published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (24.0 in December 2015) and Spain (20.4). Spains unemployment rate is the highest in the eurozone according to the latest figures. Photograph: Juan Medina/REUTERS.According to Eurostat, the unemployment rate increased in 18 of the EU member states, fell in seven and remained stable in both Denmark and Hungary. The youth unemployment level in Spain is of great concern, with one of the highest rates in the EU, second only to Greece in 2012 (Eurostat, 2013i).The youth unemployment rate exceeded 53 in 2012 (see Table 22), meaning that the number of young unemployed people in Spain exceeded thethe lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria (4.9), Germany (5.2) and Luxembourg (6.1), and the highest in Greece (26.5 in February 2014) and Spain (25.1).Eurostat produces harmonized unemployment rates for individual EU member states, the eurozone and the EU. But its nowhere near the 22.9 rate in Spain. This is according to Eurostat based on data through November 2011. Across the euroarea, the unemployment rate was at 10.3 in November. Spain unemployment rate Total Unemployed Spain / Total labour force Spain. If you want to compare the unemployment of Spain with other countries, see unemployment . Check the unemployment Rate history chart and data for Spain. Data is sourced from Eurostat database.The unemployment rate represents unemployed persons as a percentage of the labour force based on International Labour Office (ILO) definition. In December 2017, the seasonally adjusted youth unemployment rate in Spain was at 36.8 percent. Number of unemployed people in Spain, by economic sector 2008 to 2016. EU27 Spain Source: Eurostat, authors calculations (second quarters, except 2012 April data). When focusing on Spain, it is important to analyse the nature ofTable 8: Youth unemployment rate by age groups, sex and highest level of education attained, Spain, 2012 (). Both sexes. The worst hit countries include Spain (ES) and Greece (EL), who both have unemployment rates of over 24.Unemployment rates by country July 2014. Source Eurostat. EU Employment rates. Related. Unemployment statistics. Data up to July 2012. Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database.For the fourth year in a row, Spain remained the country with the highest overall unemployment rate in 2011, at 21.7 . Unemployment in Spain: EUROSTAT - Unemployment rate by sex and age groups - annual average, . Categories: Spain. Unemployment. Eurostat estimates that 20.448 million men and women in the EU28, of whom 15.908 million were in the euro area, were unemployed in October 2016.The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (23.4 in August 2016) and Spain (19.2). Source: BBVA Research based on Eurostat. Chart 2. Relationship between unemployment levels based on age (Under-25s unemployment / Over-25s unemployment, ) 3.5.Spain: youth unemployment rate by educational attainment() 60. 50. 40. Spain Unemployment Rate stands at 16.

55 percent. Source: National Statistics Institute (INE).Spain Long Term Unemployment Rate latest value is 7.10 percent. Source: Eurostat. Eurostat says there were 3.5 million unemployed under-25s across the eurozone in November. Employment and labour market. People not in work. Unemployment. STANDARDISED ILO UNEMPLOYMENT RATES SEASONALLY ADJUSTED Estonia Eurostat. Eurostat estimates that 18.446 million men and women in the EU28, of whom 14.513 million in the euro area, were unemployed in September 2017.The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (21.0 in July 2017) and Spain (16.7). Compared with a year ago, the unemployment rate This is almost the double than the official rate. Quarterly supplementary indicators by Member State, 2013 third quarter ( Eurostat table).Despite the fact that official unemployment in Spain is one percentage point lower than the corresponding figure for Greece. The unemployment rate in Spain increased to 16.55 percent in the last three months of 2017 from an upwardly revised 16.39 percent in the previous period which was the lowest since 2008. Figures came above market expectations of 16.15 percent. Especially there—in Spain and Greece—the youth unemployment rate has rapidly increased during the last five years and, compared to 2008, it has doubled.Figure 2: Youth unemployment rate in selected countries (2000-2012). Source: Eurostat. Eurostat, the EU statistical service, revealed that the true unemployment rate in Eurozone during the third quarter of 2013 was much higher than the officially recognisedDespite the fact that official unemployment in Spain is one percentage point lower than the corresponding figure for Greece. NOTE: The standardized unemployment rates for the European Union (EU) member countries are from Eurostat.5 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece (23.3 in April 2016) and Spain (19.9).Eurostat produces harmonised unemployment rates for individual EU Member States, the euro area and the EU. However, achieving significantly lower unemployment rates closer to international peers in the medium term may require an even larger adjustment in the exchange rate.Deu EA17 fra ita ESP. Sources: INE Bank of Spain Eurostat Bloomberg and IMF staff estimates. unemployment rate eurostat Index of reports and indicators from Eurostat. Eurostat is theIn this month, the youth unemployment rate in Spain was at 38.7 percent. Unemployment rate drops to 10.3 in September, Eurostat Eurostat defines an unemployed person as a person aged 15-74 who is: without work during the reference weekThe highest unemployment rate was in Western Macedonia in Greece (31.3), Melilla in Spain (30.8), and Western Greece (29.8). According to Eurostats figures, there were 1.201 million unemployed in Greece during May. It was also shown that unemployment affects women (28.2) harder than it affects men (22.4). Greece has the highest rate of unemployed in the European Union (25 in May), followed by Spain (22.2 Investing.com - The unemployment rate in Spain rose unexpectedly last month, official data showed on Thursday.In a report, Ministry of Labour and Immigration said that Spanish unemployment rate rose Harmonised unemployment rates The harmonised unemployment rates give the numbers of unemployed persons as a percentage of the labour force.The Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) give a more precise definition of unemployment through the Commission Greece, Spain and Croatia top Eurostats list of countries that experience the highest unemployment.In Greeces case, the overall unemployment rate dropped by 1.1 comparing to the latest similar data recorded back in February. - Spain - Standardised unemployment, Dataset Source : Statistical Office of the European Commission ( Eurostat) Spain - Standardised unemployment, Rate, Total (all ages), Total (male and female Spains unemployment rate is second highest in Europe after Latvia.Average unemployment for the 27-member European Union stayed stable in March at 9.6 percent, Eurostat said Friday.

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