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CSS background images work very similar to the background command in html. When applied within the < body> tag it will the image will, by default, repeat and fill the entire page. Lets also say that you cant merge the two images into one for some reason (different repeat directions, alpha transparency effects, etc).html background:url(farthest.png) 0 0 repeat-x body background:url(nearest.png) 0 0 repeat-y Need an image to repeat left-to-right, like the gradient background that appears at the top of Or maybe you would like to have an image that remains fixed when the user scrolls down your page. The background-image property of CSS is used to set the background image of the HTML elements like div, paragraphs, headings, table headings, body etc.Along with setting background images, background position and background- repeat properties are used as follows background-repeat property can be applied to all HTML elements.This example shows how to stop a background image from repeating. CSS code: body background-image: url(w3r.gif) background-repeat: no-repeat 3) CSS background-repeat. By default, the background-image property repeats the background image horizontally and vertically.The background looks better if the image repeated horizontally only. HTML Background Image. Back to Example List ». Set image in background from URL source. using inline css properties style set. also set image repeat in x direction or y direction.

Dont use it in the body. Try it on the html element like soCSS background image to fit width, height should auto-scale in proportion. 3. How repeat background image in div longer then page length? The background-repeat property specifies how a background image is repeated. Applying this property to the BODY element applies the specified style to background of an entire page.body> . The Background Image property specifies an image to use as the background of an element. By default, the image is repeated so it covers the