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Combobox example. A Pen By Dominic McPhee Pro.HTML CSS JavaScript Behavior. ComboBox / Cascading ComboBox. Categories. Products.HTML5/JavaScript source. Also available for: ASP.NET MVC.Edit this example. API Reference. cascadingcombobox.html. Sample service. The combo box is basically an HTML INPUT of type text and HTML SELECT grouped together to give you a combo box functionality.The following javascript is an example for combo box with button. In this example we will convert the dropdown (html select) as combobox which will allow the users to type andFinally now call the jquery-ui combobox() function document ready event. < script language"javascript"> (document).ready(function () (".combo"). combobox() ) . Javascript Combobox. A dropdown list provides a method of selecting only one option from a lots of options while only using up as much space as a single option except while a selection is being made.