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To allow multiple file uploads in HTML forms, use the multiple attributes. The multiple attributes work with email and file input types. For limiting maximum items on multiple inputs, use JavaScript. If I have an HTML file input field, is there any way that I can limit it to only allow image uploads?Depending on the type of types you want to allow and the backend technology you will find various ways of doing this. But in recent years, the HTML5 is doing wonders, it comes with many Jun 16, 2016 Basically syntactic sugar for < input type"file" onchange"this.Is there any size limitation in Biztalk for this file or can i go with the Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to enforce file size limit by checking File Whats the user and password How to limit markers to be one marker to pick one place only Using in Multiple Pages Massive Issue using FacebookThe code below contains the HTML file input field and a submit button Zoltan Horvath March 11, 2015 at 1:55 pm. for input type file multiple? If there were multiple files selected, the text will tell us how many of them were selected. < input type"file" name"file" id"file" class"inputfile"HTML attribute [multiple] is not supported in IE 9 and below and neither is the files property of JavaScript. For the latter case, we simply rely on value. The developer cannot prevent the user from choosing files of any type or extension in the native OS file select dialog box. But still, the accept attribute of can help to provide a filter in the file select dialog box of the OS. For example,