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I have a Western Digital My Book World Edition external storage drive. The version I have has a GB Ethernet network connection.I saw a forum on WDs site. Have you looked there for help with NFS? Or how to install NFSfs etc. apt-get install python-boto duplicity util-linux trickle.bandwidth / upload limit using trickle. custom temp and cache folders - this is required on a WD My Book Live as it got limited space on the root file system. Scripts to install and maintain chrooted Debian environment.Clone this wiki locally. Установка chroot-среды. Разрешите в WD My Book Live SSH-сервис. Unix Linux Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of Linux, FreeBSD and other Unx-like operating systems.Good News: The WD MyBook World runs a linux system which can be "opened". You can enable ssh and install additional packages If anyone is interested, I discovered that the WD My Book Live makes an excellent platform for small OwnCloud installations.Can you explain how to install on a WD MB live please? My Book Live is a relatively inexpensive Network Attached Storage (NAS) device from Western Digital. My Book Live is powered by Linux and anyone with some Linux experience can install additional applications for this device. I shoulda known to googled before probing at the CLI with stuff and I would have found out what I needed to know. but oh well damage done. What I needed to know was that its a debian Linux (quite up to date!) with the standard perl/python/sqlite installed. 2 drivers are found for My Book Live Network Storage. To download the needed driver, select it from the list below and click at Download button.We have compiled a list of popular laptops models applicable for the installation of My Book Live Network Storage.

Восстановление WD My book live, прошивка WD My book live if using wd tile you have to update driver to dlna from twonka. had same problem had to search wd forums for fixmake sure link-layer topogly discovery mapper I/o driver and responder is install thru ipv4 apply to guest and host. Also, I dont know if the WD My Book Live Home Network Drive is compatible with Ubuntu Linux as the box saysNote - this was a new install of ubuntu 10.4 dual boot with windows (as I could not get opensuse to find my drive at all) so there was no baggage causing problems. I have had good experiences with Western Digital (WD) drives and saw in theA successor to the My Book branded drive this new My Cloud branded offering provides a shell to a NAS deviceThen came my Linux laptop.

There was no mention of Linux which is a shame since you would think that they WD SmartWare Software Update for Windows WD TV Live Hub Media Center Firmware Update 2.06.10 WD Discovery Software 1.61 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista WD SmartWare for Windows My Book Elite Firmware Updater Doing further updates in Fedora rendered the NAS service completely useless, so I finally gave up, and installed Ubuntu over Fedora. Ive had no problems since with having my Linux box understand the My Book Live, and all I had to do was follow the instructions at http My Book Live,the premier network drive that lets you centralize,share,and,stream your digital media to all the devices on your home network. Gettng started is easy, WD will guide you tought setup and connection, so you can start sharing in just a few minutes. The mention of package wd-nas 02.50.00-96731 suggests strongly that WD build their own packages to install on their devices and you wont have access to thoseNot the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged linux debian apt network-attached-storage or ask your own question. My Book Live. Upload your files to a cloud storage account. Free. Publisher: Western Digital Downloads: 2,665.Free. Publisher: Western Digital Corporation Downloads: 1,683. WD TV Live Media. 2.99. I have had good experiences with Western Digital (WD) drives and saw in the January 2014 issue of Maximum PC a head-to-head between Dropbox and the new WD My Cloud product. A successor to the My Book branded drive this new My Cloud branded offering provides a shell to aHome Living. Samba is installed already but slightly unusually set up, shares are defined in a separate file as below. The UI is a bit limited (I wanted read only), so Ive setI should have also read the title WD my book live, runs Debian so obviously no optware. Yep low powered linux server for 24/7 is the golden ticket. Linux. Webapps.Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Please Only do this, if you did a backup of your WD MyBook Live.Disable Twonky Login to your My Book Live Webinterface.The MB Live version was installed using the Debian package manager but World has anotherI see on the same site there is a download for 7.5.4 for ARM linux. The reason I bought a WD My Book Live is because of a recommendation from Jim Cloudman, who posts an excellent tip to enable SSH access on the device.From there, the Linux OS is available for your tweaking.Install MySQL on Mac OS X via HomebrewMarch 11, 2014. Introduction to the My Book Live Platform Unboxing and Setup Impressions Benchmarking the WD My Book Live Western Digitals Personal Cloud Solution Miscellaneous Issues and Final Words.It is very cool that WD Live allows to to install any linux software from command line. Linux Living. A place where I can write down my thoughts, tips, and tricks that help me live withoutThursday, January 14, 2010. Enjoy your WD My Book 1TB Drivedoes come with an annoying Virtual CD installed, literally in the units firmware, that contains Western Digitals SmartWare backup Next, download the My Book Live Duo firmware from the WD site.Hi gunt76, I am a complete newbie as far as linux is concerned. I am trying to install new 6TB(2x3TB) hard drives in my book live duo. Video tutorial install minidlna My Book Live (Firmware.Access Windows Shares From Linux - Linux Western Digital My Cloud/Book Remote Access - Продолжительность: 1:20:04 DisneyDumbazz 2 649 просмотров. The WD My Book Live uses a Power PC 800MHz processor with 256MB of RAM. It also has a gigabit ethernet network interface.Installing the WD MBL from Linux worked easy enough once the IP address is known. Also noticed that in the Network view (under Win Explorer), the Storage section (and the icon for the MyBook Live) appear and disappearHi - Has anyone solved this problem. I have a WD My Book World backup storage (White Light). I can ping the device fine. However, I cannot map a network drive. The official line from Western Digital is that they do not support the use of their My Book Live NAS drives with Linux or UNIX.sudo apt-get install cifs-utils. Once these are added, you can add a line like the following to /etc/fstab The WD Essentials has only USB 2.0 and I know that 3.0 is supposed to be considerable faster than 2.0.The My Book Essential HD has a capacity meter on the front to display how full the disk is.Because Im going to be using this for backups on Linux with ext4 this feature isnt available. Answer ID 10436 | This article explains how to perform a backup to a My Cloud, WD Sentinel or My Book Live series drives by using the Backup and Restore tool on Windows 7, File History on Windows 8 and 10 and Time Machine on macOS. While WD says that the My Book Live is capable of data transfer speeds up to 10MBps, our actual lab tests generated much more believable numbers: 42MBps writing a 2GB zip file, and 48MBps reading the same file. Id like to create a custom NAS from a WD MY Book Live so I disassembled it, deleted everything from the HDD and successfully installed an Ubuntu server with another PC.The logicboard only has an AC and a Ethernet port so theres no way to install Linux on place. View and Download Western Digital My Book Live user manual online. Personal Cloud storage.Launching WD SmartWare After Installation Use one of the following options for the WD SmartWare Software once you have installed it These are my experiences setting up the WD MyBook Live up using Linux (Ubuntu). Only trouble was to locate the device (IP-address). I could not figure out what default IP-address it uses when no dhcp-server is availabl Figure 6: WD My Book Live admin home page. The Let Us Help You panel is always there to guide new users through essential tasks (Register Your Device, Access Your Media, Create Users, Create Shares). Unbrick WD My Cloud 3TB.

Open the case, follow this vidoe without breaking anything, use credit cards in front on two sides, and strong knife to push from back. follow thisMy-Book-Live/td-p/561699.Mount and access your owncloud drive from Arch Linux. Install davfs2 adapted from link. Western Digital has long been in the personal cloud storage space with the WD My Book Live.From there you can access the software folder to install the included software, or not, its not required once you know the IP address of the device. I am affraid to try it because ive never tryed any linux commands. And if anything goes wrong, waranty will be avoided.Hi Guys, I am stuck trying to get Java 6 installed on the WD My Book Live, the prerequisite for Serviio. WD My Book Live is network storage installed with Debian Linux operating system. We can setup this device to be our web server at home. Here are the steps how I did it. SECTION 1. WD My Book reset password (Solved). How To Unlock a WD External Drive Without a Password.Hey, Sorry for the delay. If the Linux Live CD is still unable to access the data even when you click on TRY and not install the OS, then the last resort is to bring the drive to a data recovery company which Is Minimserver capable to run on a WD My Book Live Duo for Mac ? If so , how do I install it ? My Book for Mac My Book Studio My Book Thunderbolt Duo Compare All Select the product below to view the installation guide.The MyBook Live is delivered with a Lenny linux based system. For WD My Cloud, there is no official support for Ubuntu or any other Linux distros.Next step is to install NFS client package. NFS(Network File System) allows a system to share directories and files with others over a network. On ubuntu client open Terminal. sudo apt-get install nfs-common.SIDENOTE: Isnt ironic how WD uses linux for the firmware/operation of the MyCloud but refuses to support it as a client or even provide documentation for open source clients! So, is there ANY way to set up this WD mycloud baby to be an -accessable- HD home on my Linux PCI have a WDMYCLOUDEX2 and here what I did: on Linux Mint install Gigolorndigitalnas Im frankly confused by the response, because the WD link mentioned there just tells how to install the client software in Windows and seems to have nothing to do with Linux.If so, what were your steps? Many thanks. loadedmind aka John. Setting up WD My Book Live. Installed Ubuntu yet again and this time I am wanting to use it for basically everything. Problem is, I have a LOT of my stuff on my external HD. So I was wondering if anyone knew exactly how to get the WD "My Book" to work on Linux? MY BOOK LIVE USER MANUAL Recording Your WD Product Information Remember to write down the following WD product information, which is used for setup and technical support.Its an interactive resource to walk users through installing and using their My Book Live. You will see both the hard disk you installed linux on and the WD hard disk.Big Thank you to Michael Barnes. I was skeptical, but has found out, to my delight, that Paragon software actually works with my WD My Book Live 3T disk. n FAT32 n NTFS (read and write capability) n HFSJ n Linux Ext2, Ext3/Ext4 n XFS. Connecting a USB hard drive 123.access adding a connection 98 setting up 98 Mobile apps 94 installing WD 2go 103 installing WD Photos 101 Monitoring Storage 49 My Book Live Duo backups list 86

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