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Mercedes, while acknowledging BMWs 100th anniversary and thanking them for 100 years of competition, couldnt help themselves and threw in the fact that the previous 30 years were actually a bit boring.VIDEO. But, when BMW celebrated their 100 years, Mercedes extended a warm and friendly congratulatory invitation to the team at BMW!VIDEO: Prototype Rocket Pod Shotgun Slugs Have A Unique Feature That Surprised This Shooter >> How to supercharge your iPhone in 5 minutes >> People Are Bored VIDEOS. SHOP.The advertisement released from Mercedes-Benz can be seen below, saying "Thank you for 100 years of competition," marking a very nice gesture often not seen in the heated battle. "Danke fr 100 Jahre Wettbewerb": Mercedes zum Jubilum von BMW - manche Mercedes vs BMW 100 years of competition2 год. назад Mohamed Mehanny. BMW M4 vs Mercedes C63 AMG W205 Acceleration 0-250 Onboard V8 Sound Autobahn Revs Comparison F822 год. назад BerlinTomek. Mercedes has congratulated BMW on its 100th birthday by putting out a rather nice video. With the notes of For Hes a Jolly Good Fellow playing in the background, Mercedes thanks its rival for 100 years of competition. terms privacy ad choices. Upload Images. Video to GIF. Make a Meme. New post. sign in. 5.1k. SHARES. Share Tweet. Advertisement.

BMW recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and guess who decided to shower them with some warm feelings and a congratulations? Mercedes-Benz! The company congratulated BMW via friendly advertisement along with an invitation to their museum. To celebrate 100 years of BMW, Mercedes is offering every BMW employee free admission to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content.Mercedes vs BMW 100 years of competition - Duration: 0:39. The Best Blogs for BMW 100 Years, BMW, Cars, News, Lifestyle, Bmw group, BMW Z3 M Coupe, Next 100 Years, Featured, Mercedes-Benz, Concept Cars.Video: BMW 100 Years Anniversary Parade at Goodwood. Revealed: the BMW Vision Next 100 concept BMW celebrates 100 years this week.

BMW Vision DRIVING LIVE at World Premiere BMW - YouTube. Mercedes-Benz International: News, Pictures, Videos - Exclusive reports and current films: experience a broad range of topics from I do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact me immediately for further credits or clip delete.2017 BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E Class - Which car is better? Добавлено: 1 год. назад. Download or play Mercedes Vs Bmw 100 Years Of Competition Latest Kpop mp3 free download in for free with HD and best quality.BEST VIDEO BMW vs MERCEDES BENZ (happy birthday BMW from Mercedes). Its not the oldest automaker out there -- Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Ford, Renault and Fiat can all claim precedent -- but BMW has arguably produced more iconic cars than any other marque in its class.Scroll through the gallery to see our own highlights from the marques first 100 years. BMW 100 Years Mercedes Benz.Video: Straight Six Diesel Showdown BMW 730d vs Mercedes-Benz S350d. With the launch of the facelifted S-Class, Mercedes-Benz introduced a bit more than just a minor change in exterior design. In the video, Mercedes Benz thanks BMW for 100 years of competition, and exclaims that the 30 previous years had been boring without them. The video is truly one we appreciate, it clearly shows the good spirit found among these two competitors, and it highlights how clearly enjoyable Image source. Mercedes, keeping aside their rivalry (somewhat), published a large newspaper advert, showcasing BMWs signature car grills, with the message which, translated in English, reads as, Thanks for 100 years of competition.Submit Video. Mercedes-Benz is a long-time rival of BMW, and since today marks the 100th anniversary of the latter, they posted a video on Facebook to celebrate 100 years of competition. Of course, Mercedes has been around for more than 130 years 27 декабря 2013 year. German motor sports magazines often publish performance tests of different cars. Today its the famous German trio again — Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz — but this time they are one class lower. Eddie Ptru is now.not.bevor 100 years ciao. Maresalul Antonescu 11 месяцев назад 1.Lep 2 Год назад 1. the video is shit and BMW is cool and the Mercedes is Not so cool. The BMW vision car "The next 100 years" stands at a stage after a celebration show marking the 100th anniversary of BMW on March 7, 2016 in the Olympic hall in Munich, southern Germany. Happy 100th birthday, BMW! Heres to another 100 years of competition. Posted by Mercedes-Benz on Sunday, 6 March 2016.Previous Post: Citroen C6 sketch and teaser images leaked online Next Post: VIDEO: Watch BMWs 100th anniversary event here. In the different playlists you can enjoy exhaust sounds, acceleration tests (0- 100, 0-200) with launch control, onboard cams and the revving sound of each car.Mercedes vs Bmw Добавлено: 5 год. назад.NM2255 Car HD Videos 1 год. назад. Last year when BMW completed its 100th year in the auto industry, fellow German automaker Mercedes-Benz released a very witty clip on social media congratulating the Bavarian carmaker on its Centenary. The small video clip, which youll find below, said, "Thank you for 100 years of competition. Home About European Cars Audi Repair Bentley Repair BMW Repair Jaguar Repair Land Rover Repair Mercedes Repair Porsche Repair Range Rover Repair Volkswagen Repair Volvo Repair Services Concierge Service Blog Contact Us. Mercedes vs. BMW: 100 Years of Rivalry. Mercedes-Benz Just Congratulated BMW On Completing 100 Years. In the video, Mercedes-Benz first thanks BMW for 100 years of competition and says that first 30 years it spent alone were a bit boring! Heres to another 100 years of competition.httpsAAbanumi MercedesBenz BMW E CLASS is an achievable dream. S CLASS, never know if may be true.MercedesBenz BMW haha so sweet!! < 3 I just learned to respect Mercedes even more! BMW Coding Videos.Mercedes congratulates BMW on 100th. Мерседес поздравил БМВ со 100 юбилеем. Gallery. These are pictures and clips of both mercedes and bmw cars,the music is called dreadrock by Paul Oakenfold enjoy please comment and subscribe.Related Videos. Mercedes Benz CLK 500 amg vs BMW 750i 8 years ago. Marketing competition between Mercedes and BMW BMW.

In den verschiedenen Playlists knnt ihr ausreizende Sounds genieen, Beschleunigungstests (0- 100, 0-200) mit Startkontrolle, onboard-Kameras und den hochtourigen Sound der Autos.BMW M3 против Mercedes-AMG C63: Битва года The guys from Stuttgart wished their competitors from Munich a happy 100th anniversary by releasing a cheeky short video that says: Thank you for 100 years of competition, the previous 30 years were actually a bit boring. Mercedes-Benz is referring to the years between 1886 and 1916, when BMW Alles Gute und auf die nchsten 100 Jahre Wettbewerb (Mercedes) BMW 100 yana giriyor.Mkemmel Reklam. By: Numan YlmazPublished: 2 years ago. 19, 955 views. 15 Likes 2 Dislikes. Description. Download This Video. All Photos Car Photos Bike Photos. videos. compare.Mercedes-Benz however, has done just that. The German carmaker has congratulated BMW for completing 100 years of existence. To congratulate BMW on its 100th year as an automaker, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche each published newspaper ads with messages of appreciation. Over 100 Years of Mercedes Benz AMG Racing.BEST VIDEO BMW vs MERCEDES BENZ (happy birthday BMW from Mercedes). Идеальные Mercedes W140 и BMW E38 в Китае. Два года работы!This year.YouTubes 100M View Club. List of most-viewed videos. Most viewed in first 24 hours. Today, BMW completes 100 years of existence.But has Mercedes Benz really wished them congratulations or is it yet another dig they have taken at BMW. Well, you can watch the video below and decide for yourself. Похожие видео. BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class 2018 review 2018 Mercedes E-Class - Perfect Coupe!! Добавлено: 1 год. Добавил: CAR TV. Mercedes-Benz 2017 E-Class Sedan Video Broc The Mercedes ad features BMWs signature kidney grille, front and centre, with the message Thanks for 100 years of competition.The horror, beauty and responsibilities of war photography. More Videos. Oh hey! Youre using an adblocker. Мне понравилось видео «BMW 100 лет» ( пользователя bmwru на YouTube.Главная » BMW 3 Series » Mercedes C-Class vs BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 — Carbuyer.No coincidence the BMW is always voted the best small saloon year in year out. Heres to another 100 years of competition.5. BEST VIDEO BMW vs MERCEDES BENZ (happy birthday BMW from Mercedes). After trolling the rival company with an invitation for the BMW employees to visit the Stuttgart car museum free of charge, Mercedes-Benz is showing a video to thank their 100-year old rivals, but also to remind them that they were here first, some 30 years ahead. Thank you for 100 years of competition. Mercedes-Benz has congratulated BMW on their centenary with not only a very friendly advertisement, but an invitation to visit their museum. In what is likely the most heated competition between automakers, BMW and 76.9 тыс. отметок «Нравится», 7,687 комментариев — Mercedes-Benz (mercedesbenz) в Instagram: «Happy 100th birthday, bmw! Heres to another 100 years of competition. Mercedes mercedesbenz» In the video, Mercedes-Benz first thanks BMW for 100 years of competition and says that first 30 years it spent alone were a bit boring! Talk about sporting spirit. Mercedes-Benz first came into existence in 1896 - thirty years before BMW - in the form of Benz Thank you! We appreciate your help. Report this video as. Inappropriate. Error (no video, no sound). Copyrighted material.100. 2 years ago. Thanks for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years were a bit boring, the blurb in the video read. Because the Stuttgart-based Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1886, a good 30 years before Munich-based BMW started its business. Thank you for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years were actually a bit boring, Mercedes-Benz said in a video message to BMW AG as the latter turned 100 on Monday. Maximum torque is 100 units down at 750 N.m, but is again available across a wider band (1 800 5 600 r/min). Although it likely matters little here, BMW claims an economy of 10,5 L/100 km.Смотреть видео 2018 BMW M5 Vs 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S онлайн, скачать видео.

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